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VIDEO: An astounding domino effect

Not even 5,300-plus miles and a 16-hour time separation could eliminate the effect of last Friday's tsunami that resulted from the earthquake in Japan.

Small but powerful tsunami waves were acutely felt in the harbor in Santa Cruz, Calif., where boats large and small were knocked around and overturned in a domino-like effect. Damage in the harbor is expected to exceed $25 million.

The two videos that follow show the perspective of two onlookers as the wave enters the harbor.

Click play to watch this footage as the wave enters the harbor. Mobile users can click here.

Click play to watch this different perspective from the shore of the harbor as the wave rolls by. Mobile users can click here.

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3 Friday, 18 March 2011 13:42
Red Rocket
Perhaps an opportunity to make an insurance claim? If these folks loved their vessels or really needed them to make a living they would have heeded the warnings. Just another example of "what's in it for me" thinking. Self-absorbed, lazy or oblivious...you choose.
2 Wednesday, 16 March 2011 19:20
Capn John
Boy, those Japanese were really LUCKY they didn't have to deal with THIS!
1 Wednesday, 16 March 2011 18:32
With 15 hours of warning I think I would have moved to a safer location.
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