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Boating deaths dipped to a record low in 2012

The Coast Guard says boating fatalities last year totaled 651, the lowest number on record.

In its 2012 Recreational Boating Statistics, the agency says the 651 deaths represent a decline of 14.1 percent from the 758 fatalities recorded in 2011.



Safety in question after capsize of Cup catamaran

Artemis Racing's AC72 capsized during training exercises on San Francisco Bay.The capsize of the Artemis syndicate’s 72-foot America’s Cup catamaran and the loss of crewman Andrew “Bart” Simpson has left many wondering whether the super-big, super-fast, super-light AC72s are safe to race, which along with their exorbitant cost — $10 million to $15 million — may render the giant warhorses dinosaurs even before they begin competing.



A rogue wave and an improbable outcome

A huge sea as seen from a pilothouse.Don’t tell Sandy Stoddard there are no guardian angels because he’s pretty sure it was an angel that saved him and his four crewmen when a rogue wave picked up their fishing boat, slammed it on its side and dumped two of the men in the water.



Destroyed Hatteras a mystery with few clues

The large pieces of debris were all that remained of a 50-foot Hatteras discovered off the Florida-Georgia coast.The catastrophic breakup of a 50-foot Hatteras off the Florida-Georgia coast and the presumed loss of its four crewmembers has left investigators puzzling over what happened to the yacht, the identity of its captain — known only as “Larry” — and why the EPIRB activated three days after the discovery of the wreckage.



Survival guide for cold water

Self-help strategies can keep you alive until rescuers arrive.The brutal facts are these: Without a life jacket, you’ll be lucky to survive 10 minutes in cold water. With a life jacket, you can survive for more than an hour before hypothermia sets in.



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