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Troubling clues emerge

The Bounty master’s attitude and appreciation of a hurricane’s wrath are exceedingly far from my own

Sandy has been called the biggest storm ever to form in the Atlantic Basin.Mariners are part of a separate and unique community. When a vessel goes down and souls are lost, we mourn a little differently than most of our brethren who are tied to the land. Why? We know that but for the grace of God it could have been us.



Once again putting his life on the line

Editor’s note: The non-profit Association for Rescue at Sea (AFRAS) held its annual awards ceremony Oct. 4 in Washington, D.C. The foundation supports services that foster saving lives at sea and honors outstanding acts of rescue. This year’s Gold Medal winner was a Coast Guard rescue swimmer who saved two men on a crippled sailboat in heavy seas. Other honorees (see related story) included a Coast Guard Auxiliary crew that halted a man-overboard drill to rush to the aid of a woman aboard a runaway jonboat and a container ship captain who rescued four sailors on a boat being battered in a gale.



‘Geezer’ crew proves they’re up to a rescue

Five Coast Guard Auxiliarists were given the AFRAS Silver Medal for saving a stricken man aboard a runaway jonboat.At the ceremony that honored Coast Guard swimmer Randall Rice, AFRAS also awarded a Silver Medal and an AMVER Award. The medal went to a crew of Coast Guard Auxiliarists from North Carolina. The AMVER Award went to a container ship captain and crew who came to the rescue of four sailors off Bermuda.



26 hours adrift in a fish tote

A Coaast Guard rescue swimmer comforts fisherman Ryan Harris before he was hoisted from the fish tote that saved his life.When a boat sinks offshore, there aren’t many ways to remain safe (or alive) while waiting to be rescued. When the 28-foot fishing boat Kaitlin Rai was swamped by a wave and capsized Sept. 7 off Sitka, Alaska, 19-year-old Ryan Harris had to improvise.



Laser pointers endanger pilots, hinder rescues

This images shows a green laser as seen by a pilot.A green laser pointer directed at a Coast Guard helicopter temporarily blinded the pilot and crew and forced them to land while they were searching for the source of three orange flares spotted off Garden City Beach, S.C. The popular laser pointers, sold nationwide as toys at beachfront shops and online, have become a chronic problem for aerial rescue crews.



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