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Right of way and lookout: sharing the water with ships

This sailboat-tanker collision during Cowes Week 2011 resulted in a Marine Notice on staying clear of ships.At Cowes Week 2011, the 33-foot Irish-registered yacht Atlanta of Chester collided with the LPG tanker Hanne Knutsen while trying to tack across the ship’s bow during racing in the Solent off England’s Isle of Wight. The yacht slid down the tanker’s side, snagging its spinnaker on the ship’s anchor, losing its mast and tossing two crewmembers overboard.

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Mishaps and Rescues April 2012

PARTY CRASHERS: The Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission teamed with local law enforcement agencies earlier this year to keep waterways safe during the Gasparilla Pirate Fest in Tampa, Fla. Police made 52 arrests, including eight for boating under the influence, and issued 302 citations for carrying an open container of alcohol.



Mishaps & Rescues March 2012

SEA OF ICE: The Coast Guard cutter Healy breaks ice while escorting the Russian-flagged tanker Renda in the Bering Sea. The tanker was carrying 1.3 million gallons of fuel for delivery to icebound Nome. A fall storm prevented Nome from getting a fuel delivery by barge in November.



Boat in fatal capsize was 'inappropriate' for race

An investigative panel reports that WingNuts' 'extreme deck beam' had a negative effect on her stability.In response to a US Sailing-led inquiry into the deaths of two sailors in the 2011 Race to Mackinac, the race selection committee expects to re-evaluate its participant selection process and examine stability requirements for boats.

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US Sailing weighs in on two other incidents

The WingNuts capsize during the Race to Mackinac wasn’t the only fatal accident that US Sailing investigated in 2011.



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