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How the body responds

Cold water survival

Cold shock (zero to 2 minutes): gasp reflex, uncontrolled breathing, hyperventilation, rapid heart rate.



Bounty’s final hours: a ‘haze of war’

A Coast Guard hearing on the sinking of the Bounty convenes in February.The investigation into the sinking of the tall ship Bounty during Hurricane Sandy is far from complete, but documents obtained by Soundings shed some light on her night-long struggle to survive against overwhelming odds.



Hearings convene

The Coast Guard convenes a formal hearing into the sinking of the Bounty Feb. 12-21 at the Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel and Waterfront Conference Center in Portsmouth, Va.



Suspected drug boat kills Coast Guardsman

Chief boatswain's mate Terrell Horne III, shown training, died in the Dec. 2 clash off Southern California.One Coast Guardsman was killed and another hurt in the early morning darkness off Southern California’s Channel Islands when a panga suspected of smuggling drugs rammed a RIB carrying a law enforcement team.
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The Loss of the Bounty

As the Coast Guard looks into the skipper’s decision to ‘squeeze around’ Superstorm Sandy, one question looms large: What was he thinking?

The Coast Guard is investigating the sinking of the HMS Bounty amid hard questions about why the tall ship left New London, Conn., for St. Petersburg, Fla., as Hurricane Sandy — perhaps the largest storm ever to form in the Atlantic Basin — churned up the East Coast.

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