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On July 3 around 1 p.m., this 47-foot Alden picnic boat hit Watch Hill Reef off Watch Hill, R.I., and began sinking. The boat had a broken propeller, struts and rudders, and the hull was completely penetrated on the port side, according to Don Rich, president of TowBoatU.S. in Mystic, Conn. There was also damage to the running gear on the starboard side. The boat rescue was a seven-hour process, he says.



Mishaps & Rescues - New England

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Mishaps & Rescues – Mid Atlantic

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African Partnership - Coast Guard Ensign Kristins Stefaniuk, a landing signal officer aboard the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Legare, instructs tie-down team members that they are clear to move away from the HH-60 Jayhawk during underway training exercises in the Atlantic Ocean. The Legare home-ported in Portsmouth, Va., and its crew are deploying to several countries off the west and central coast of Africa in support of the African Partnership Station, under the direction of Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Africa-Europe, Sixth Fleet.



Mishaps & Rescues - Connecticut & New York

STEALTH SHIP — The Department of Defense high-speed experimental boat Stiletto departs U.S. Coast Guard Station Miami Beach en route to a training exercise area near the South Florida coast. The 88-foot-long, 60-ton vessel is under the tactical control of Joint Interagency Task Force South to counter illicit trafficking operations.



Mishaps & Rescues – New England

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Police divers locate body

Station Gloucester, Mass.

Massachusetts State Police divers located a body, presumed to be a man who went missing a half-mile south of Gloucester, Mass., a few days earlier.



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