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Couple and 3-year-old daughter sail round world

A British husband and American wife plan sail around the world with their three-year-old daughter in tow. Despite critics, the couple has said the dangers are no greater than those posed “on the school run.”



Wealthy man 'forgot' his boat — for 2 years

A wealthy man has come forward to claim a 34-foot powerboat that has been floating in a Swedish harbor for at least two years, after he apparently forgot all about it.



Sunken yacht raises mystery

An Australian fishing vessel that stumbled across the mast and sail of an unidentified yacht in the Timor Sea near Darwin claims the wreckage could be part of missing American vessel Nina, which vanished from the Tasman Sea with seven passengers on board in June 2013.



Can an iconic lighthouse site be saved from the sea?

On a recent February morning Dawn Farrow Taylor stood near a sand-covered pile of large granite slabs on a wind-whipped Cape Hatteras, N.C. Those stones had once supported one of the world's most famous lighthouses.



Whale breaks record for holding breath underwater

A whale recently broke the world’s record for holding its breath under water, having completed dives that last for over two hours and reach nearly two miles below the ocean’s surface.



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