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Australian tour boat abandons U.S. snorkeler

Australian authorities are investigating a recent incident in which a Great Barrier Reef dive boat accidentally left a U.S. snorkeler behind, forcing him to swim to another boat.



Coroner: Human error caused yacht-racing crash deaths

Nothing could have been done to prevent the deaths of two experienced Australian sailors in a yacht-racing accident at Flinders Islet, New South Wales, Australia, an inquest heard.

Veteran skipper Andrew Short, a 48-year-old father of five, and his 47-year-old navigator, Sally Gordon, drowned Oct. 10, 2009, when the 25m maxi Shockwave crashed into rocks.



One good ‘sniff’ may save a life aboard

At the close of the Memorial Day weekend a 32-foot powerboat with five people aboard pulled up to a fuel dock. Moments later, after they filled up, an explosion ripped through the boat, separating it into clamshell-like halves. In an instant a 25-year-old woman was dead. The other four occupants and a fuel dock attendant were hospitalized.



Tow service reminder: Designate a sober skipper

Recognizing the Fourth of July weekend as the busiest and most celebrated weekend of the summer boating season, Sea Tow is reminding people to boat responsibly. In addition to reviewing pre-departure checklists, filing float plans, fueling up and reviewing safety procedures with guests, people who consume alcohol while boating are encouraged to do so in moderation and to always designate a sober skipper.



NOAA: 2010 was record year for weather

Last year was one of the two warmest years on record, according to the 2010 State of the Climate report, which NOAA released on Tuesday.



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