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Reality TV show documents burning yacht rescue

A pair of South Florida boat captains made a narrow escape Tuesday morning, helped by a good Samaritan, when a 56-foot Carver yacht they were on caught fire and burned to the waterline.



Sole survivor of accident tells his story

Nick Schuyler stood on the rear deck of the fishing boat as his friend Marquis Cooper gunned the engine. The boat was stuck, its anchor snagged on something at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, 75 miles off the coast of Clearwater, Fla. Cooper thought he could muscle it free by opening up the throttle.



Ethanol increase in gasoline awaits EPA approval

The Environmental Protection Agency will decide this summer on whether to increase the amount of ethanol in the nation's gasoline supply from the current E10 (or containing 10 percent ethanol) up to E15 (containing 15 percent ethanol).



Survey ship to map Gulf of Mexico seabed

NOAA ship Thomas Jefferson, one of the most technologically advanced hydrographic survey vessels in the world, will depart its Norfolk, Va. home port April 6 to conduct a five-month long effort to map the seafloor and look for hazards to navigation off the Gulf Coast.



NYC set to purchase new fleet

The New York City police and fire departments will soon acquire what they believe are their boats of the future.



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