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Handcrafted vessels take to the water

In one waterfront community, middle school students brought the 15-foot wooden boats they built to the river's edge and splashed them. Further north, a class of older students with boatbuilding career ambitions prepared to honor a similar tradition.

In East Camden, N.J., eight-graders participated in the Urban BoatWorks program in which they spent the winter sanding, stitching, epoxying and painting double-ended sailboats made of marine mahogany plywood. They built the sailboats from kits in the basement of the Camden Seaport and Maritime Museum in South Camden.



Alcohol not involved in deadly boat crash

Investigators don't know exactly what caused a boat crash that took the lives of a mother, a father and an unborn child, but they said the two-craft collision was not the result of an overloaded boat, alcohol or drugs.



Fleet blessing opens new season

Held during Memorial Day weekend, the blessing of the fleet at an island community in Chesapeake Bay combined spiritual and patriotic elements.



‘Greening up’ shark fishing tournaments

Shark tournaments are an anachronism, critics say, at least the kind of kill contests inspired by the movie "Jaws" and by the exploits of Capt. Frank Mundus, Montauk's own Monster Man, a fact he acknowledged with regret in retirement and worked hard to change.



National Fishing and Boating Week casts off

With National Fishing and Boating Week June 5-13, BoatU.S. reminds anglers of five easy ways to celebrate the week and inspire families and friends to head out to the water:



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