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Family still close after seven years together at sea

After living the last seven years in a cabin the size of a hotel bathroom, the Crafton family seems in no hurry to clear out now. On a muggy, sun-drenched morning, all five of them - knees just touching, lives completely entwined - sit cheerfully in the 43-foot ketch that has been their home since they pulled away from an Annapolis, Md., dock in 2003.



Seasoned skipper run boat aground, sinks it

A treacherous shoal on Lake Winnipesaukee known as The Witches was the site of a boating mishap Sunday morning when the 50-year-old skipper of a 30-foot dive boat ran the vessel hard aground. He and seven passengers went into the water, but were quickly rescued without injury.



Longtime BoatU.S. editor announces retirement

After 26 years with BoatU.S. Magazine as a writer and managing editor, as well as an advocate for boat owners as a lobbyist, Elaine Dickinson is retiring from Boat Owners Association of The United States, the association said.



Mystery kayak floats 600 miles to Key Largo

A racing kayak drifted 600 miles through shipping channels with only a barnacle or two, but not before setting off a search for its owner, presumed to be in distress somewhere off the Keys.



Boaters involved in whale collision could face jail

First, a whale jumps on and crushes your boat. Then you face the prospect of two years in jail or more than $40,000 in fines.



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