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Across Florida Straits in a Styrofoam boat

A Cuban migrant who ostensibly floated at sea in the Florida Straits for 25 days aboard a seven-foot makeshift Styrofoam boat remained aboard a Coast Guard vessel Wednesday morning as American officials weighed whether to return him to Cuba or let him come ashore for hospital care.



South Carolina sees increase in abandoned boats

Officials in South Carolina are concerned about a growing number of large abandoned boats dotting the Intracoastal Waterway.



Oil’s impact on seafood remains uncertain

Researchers earlier this month found oil droplets in the tiny blue crabs that feed much of the larger sea life in the coastal Gulf waters. And in what might be worse news, at least psychologically, oil from the spill has started to creep into Lake Pontchartrain, the sacred seafood pantry of New Orleans.



Explorers view undersea volcano more than 10,000 feet high

In the first week of a joint Indonesia-U.S. exploration of the deep ocean north of Sulawesi, Indonesia, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer's built-in multibeam sonar mapped a huge undersea volcano while cameras on the ship's remotely-operated vehicle took high-definition images of the feature called Kawio Barat, referring to the ocean area west of Kawio Islands.



Cape Cod waterfront landmark burns

The Coast Guard is investigating the cause of a boathouse fire at Coast Guard Station Menemsha. The fire started at 2:42 p.m. Monday and quickly engulfed the boathouse, pier and a truck with a boat trailer.



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