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Scientists say 93 percent of Great Barrier Reef now bleached

The conclusions from a series of scientific surveys of the Great Barrier Reef bleaching event — an environmental assault on the largest coral ecosystem on Earth — are in, and scientists aren’t holding back about how devastating they find them.



Coast Guard and Samaritans rescue sinking vessel

The Coast Guard and two good Samaritan vessels rescued nine people from a pleasure craft taking on water 17 miles off South Pass near Venice, La., on Saturday evening.



Missing Florida teens’ boat found off Bermuda coast

A marine supply store sticker and engine serial number helped authorities identify the boat of two Florida teens who went missing at sea last summer.



Adventure runner ends voyage at sea in South Florida

The second attempt by an endurance runner hoping to reach Bermuda from Miami ended early April 24 when he asked to be removed from his "hydro pod." The runner ignored a previously issued Coast Guard Captain of the Port Order to not depart on his seagoing journey. The order outlined specific safety conditions which Mr. Baluchi failed to meet.



Adrift for 100 years: world’s oldest message in a bottle

A postcard returned to Great Britain’s Marine Biological Association was recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest message in a bottle ever found.



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