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Possible foul play surrounds drifting boat

As negotiations swirl between the Florida families of two teens who disappeared at sea nine months ago, and a lawsuit hangs in the balance, the attorney for one family said new photos reveal disturbing information about the boat and what may have happened to the missing teens.

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Missing data recorder for sunken cargo ship El Faro is found

The National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday that its investigators had found the missing data recorder belonging to El Faro, the hulking cargo ship that sank last fall with 33 crew members on board.



Coast Guard rescues sailor off California coast

A Coast Guard aircrew rescued the operator of a damaged and adrift sailboat approximately 30 miles off Año Nuevo State Park, near San Jose, Calif., on Monday morning.



Coast Guard ‘Light Lists’ now available on Android devices

U.S. Merchant Marine Officer and software developer Capt. Mike Maurice announced the release of a set applications that display the Light Lists and related data, on various Android phones and tablets.



Scientists say 93 percent of Great Barrier Reef now bleached

The conclusions from a series of scientific surveys of the Great Barrier Reef bleaching event — an environmental assault on the largest coral ecosystem on Earth — are in, and scientists aren’t holding back about how devastating they find them.



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