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Study says Florida most at risk with rising sea levels

It is not the first of its kind, but a newly published scientific study on rising greenhouse gases details the number of American cities and municipalities are at risk of being flooded in the future -- and how many may already be committed to that fate.



Tourists witness Great White shark devour seal

A group of tourists got a firsthand look at the San Francisco Bay's food chain in action as they witnessed a hungry Great White shark devour a seal by Alcatraz Island.



Coast Guard Foundation fundraiser raises $1 million

Billboards flashed as thousands of selfie-snapping tourists brought Manhattan’s iconic Times Square to a metaphoric — and literal — standstill. Just a few feet from the gridlock was an event of similar excitement (albeit one with much more calm and order), the annual Coast Guard Foundation fundraiser held at the Marriott Marquis. There members of the Coast Guard, businessmen, entrepreneurs and myriad members of the boating industry gathered to support the non-profit organization that provides support to past and present members of the Coast Guard and their families.



Traumatic rescue from capsized boat

Three San Francisco Bay area men headed out to the Farallon Islands for some fishing on Saturday, but only two returned after their boat capsized.



Man says run-in with shark led to tumor discovery

It's not clear what caused a deep gash down Eugene Finney's back while swimming in the ocean with his daughter, but it's clear the brush with danger helped save his life.



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