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Trophy Fish

The redesigned Regulator 41 sports upgrades that make it a piscatorial player in the Gulf Stream and offshore canyons, but it’s family-friendly, too.


Perfect Combination

A cruise on the Chesapeake, and the search for tasty crabs, aboard Jeanneau’s new NC 1095 is the recipe for a fun adventure.


Cruising Heaven

Maine boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. Here’s where to put the hook down along its coast this summer.


The Female Perspective

A new exhibition showcases the photography of Morris and Stanley Rosenfeld, who captured a glimpse of women in yachting.


One Cool Cat

We test the world’s first all-electric bareboat catamaran during a cruise through the British Virgin Islands.


Miniature Magic

Putting boats in bottles is an ancient form of art that Dan McGuire has mastered, although with the use of a little salty language.


Victory Lap

We join the crew of a schooner in a magnificent fleet of windjammers as the boats race down the Maine coast for the Cutty Sark trophy.



Lifelong Love Affair

Bruce Kirby is most famous for designing the Laser one-design sailing dinghy, but this 90-year-old has done so much more.



Beyond the Basics

Many times, I’ve wished I could step away from the helm of my boat but still control the engines from a better vantage point, or from where I wanted to handle a line.