Play It Smart

Play It Smart

No amount of horsepower or gadgetry can compensate for seamanship skills, so it pays to get yours in order.

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Data Driven

Research says a new mathematical approach could help the USCG with search-and-rescue operations.

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Wreck Hunters

How a group of divers from New York found the final resting place of the sailing packet Adriatic.


Any Boat You Want

No matter what kind of boat you’re hankering for, there’s a yard in Maine that can build, restore or update it.




Fast Lane

To catch mahi-mahi in the Northeast this summer, anglers must be as quick as these fish.


Cobia Culture

A healthy fishery has spawned a culture of cobia cowboys, die-hard anglers who spend every summer moment on the hunt.

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Wrap It Up

To change up the look of your boat, consider the benefits of a vinyl wrap.

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The Mobile App Method

So many apps now exist for boat owners that they can replace some dedicated helm equipment.


Space Cast

SiriusXM Marine’s Fish Mapping service uses satellite data to show anglers where the bite should be hot.

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