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Split Personality

Split Personality

The exponential growth of dual consoles in the fishboat market is undeniable. They promise a blend of fishing and family fun, a claim that Pursuit Boats let me put to the test off Miami aboard its DC 365 — the largest dual console in the builder’s range.

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Impeller Tricks

Getting an impeller back into its housing with all the vanes aiming in the proper direction can be a challenge. This tip from Soundings reader David J. Mahler should make life a lot easier and get you to lunch much faster. READ


Exhaust Separators

When we mix exhaust gases with an engine’s discharge water, we cool the water enough to use rubber and plastics in the exhaust system.



Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute captains.com

Drawing of Fuel Gage System

Troubleshooting Gauges

At the engine instrument panel, there are usually alarms for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature, often with monitoring gauges. Although there are new technologies, most gauge transmitters (typically called senders) work on an electrical principle of varying resistance.

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Yamaha Introduces Its Biggest-Ever Outboard

Yamaha Marine last week took the wraps off its 5.6-liter XTO Offshore platform by introducing its biggest outboard offering to date, a 425-hp, four-stroke outboard called the XF425. Designed from the propeller up for big offshore boats, the XF425 boasts a number of innovations and industry firsts.


Arctic Sailing

Love to sail, don’t mind cold weather or the occasional polar bear, and have an urge to get away from it all? Then the 1910 Dutch schooner Noorderlicht may be just your ticket as she cruises the Arctic waters around Spitsbergen, halfway between the Norwegian mainland and the North Pole. READ MORE


Warming Oceans Put Fish On The Move

The effects of climate change impact not only human beings on land but also animals that swim in our oceans. Warming ocean waters are causing everything from lobsters and crabs to striped bass and bluefin tuna to expand their ranges, sometimes putting them out of reach of the fishermen who depend on the species for a living.


VIDEO: Skype Founder Brings Electric Propulsion To Yacht Racing

Two competitive sailors, one a billionaire, the other a yacht designer, have teamed up to create a revolutionary all-electric propulsion system for performance yachts that makes sailboat racing even greener. They want to develop the technology further, so that it can be applied to larger vessels and other boating markets. WATCH



Photo of Mary South - Editor in Cheif - Soundings Magazine

Nothing Finer

I’m not a covetous person by nature — maybe because I feel I have been lucky, or blessed, in all the ways that matter.



Neck and Neck

They were known to the British as the “Big Class.” The America’s Cup boats of the late 19th and early 20th centuries were unruly — sometimes downright perilous — racing machines.


Neither Rain Nor ...

Would it not be well if she could contract with the Postmaster General to carry the mail from this city to Albany?


The Exumas Addict

I’m an Exumas addict. When fall days become a little too cold to get wet here on New York’s eastern Long Island, my mind starts conjuring Bahamian turquoise, and I’m ready to head south.


Jay Fleming

On any given day, you’re likely to find Chesapeake Bay photographer Jay Fleming mucking through a mosquito-ridden marsh, kayaking around a fleet of workboats or diving head-first into a net full of fish.


A Legendary Fireboat Is A Village Dilemma

In the database of National Historic Landmarks there are all kinds of boats from throughout U.S. history, including enough fireboats that even a cursory search requires the fingers on both hands to count them. Some of the designated fireboats date back as far as the early 1900s.



Razor-Blade Knife

Outdoor Edge added the 3-inch RazorLite EDC to its line of razor-blade knives. A holder coated with black oxide supports the razor blade, making it as strong as a standard knife, the company states.


Speed Sensors

Airmar’s next-generation “Smart” speed sensors combine speed, depth and fast-response water temperature in a compact through-hull fitting with no moving parts.


Solid-State Doppler Radar

Raymarine’s Quantum 2 solid-state radar uses the latest Doppler target identification, plus CHIRP pulse compression, to identify moving and static targets at long and short ranges.


Glomex Marine Antenna

The weBBoat 4G Plus coastal Internet antenna receives Wi-Fi and 3G/4G cellular signals up to 20 miles from shore, then amplifies and redistributes them as a hotspot on board.