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Storm Strategy

Storm Strategy

It’s high-season for hurricanes and fall Nor’easters. Is your boat ready for heavy winds and storms?

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Our first off-shore doublehanded trip took us to the Caribbean.

The Voyage of a Lifetime

Setting out from Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in 2018, Jeff Bolster and his wife, Molly, hoped to circumnavigate on their Valiant 40.


Selecting an Anchor

With so many anchor options out there, how do we know which ground tackle is best?

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No Time to be Fuelish

Today’s higher gas and diesel prices might tempt a captain to depart with less fuel, but the one-third rule should always be adhered to for safety.


Mailboat: September 2022

Feedback on favorite dock and dines, readers share photos of their boats and advice for new boaters.