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The Pulsifer Hampton

The Hampton boat is one of those wonderful, enduring designs that has survived for more than a century, tweaked and modified by builders along the way.


Seamanship Quiz

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute .


Rover 29 Cruiser

Sam Devlin  takes June's Rover 29 design and creates a practical but pretty cruising version that would fill any mariner's heart with wanderlust.


Add a Bilge Pump Counter

Installing a bilge counter is an easy project that lets you know if your bilge pump is working overtime when you're not around.

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These Sharks Don’t Bite

The news has been filled with frightening stories about great white sharks off the coast of Massachusetts, but now large, harmless basking sharks off the coast of France are making headlines. READ MORE



Photo of Mary South - Editor in Cheif - Soundings Magazine

May Day

On a damp, gray day in May, I trudged along a country road lined by towering hornbeams, across a short field and past the chicken coop.

Capt.Al Anderson

Spring Tides

The handwriting is familiar, but I have a harder time picturing the boy who wrote the words.



Huckins Fairform Flyer

The Sunny K, a Fairform Flyer Linwood 53, rides majestically across the pages in this advertisement from the late 1950s.



Wind and waves set a double-ended, lug-rigged fishing boat to plunging through the white-capped rollers off the coast of northern England and Scotland.


Jamie White

Jamie White  has sailed over 30,000 miles on square-rigged and traditional vessels and served as chief rigger for some of the world's greatest tall ships.


The Krogen 50 Open

The day was glorious by any standards but it was early February and anything short of a blizzard would have thrilled the winter-weary crew that had just cast off for Fort Lauderdale, Florida.



Vesper Marine Class B AIS

WatchMate Vision2 has a new look. Its touchscreen still lets users scroll through menus, zoom in and out, select vessels for navigational data, change alarm settings and more.


Global Hotspot

Somewear Labs’ Global Hotspot allows off-the-grid communications including two-way SMS texts and emails, weather reports, location sharing and more.


Relief from Seasickness

The Reliefband 2.0 is a drug-free way to control the nausea caused by motion sickness, virtual-reality activities, chemotherapy and morning sickness. It does so via Neurowave technology, which emits programmed pulses.


Stay Connected

The mazu mSeries system provides worldwide up-to-date weather, e-mail, SMS texting, position reporting, charts and onscreen tracking, and real-time and NMEA navigation.


Steering Comfort

Schmitt & Ongaro Marine designed the Primus cast stainless steel steering wheel for ergonomic comfort and durability.


Westerbeke Genset

Westerbeke’s 29.0 EGED marine diesel generator set (rated 29 kW at 60 Hz and 23 kW at 50 Hz) meets Environmental Protection Agency emissions requirements.