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Onne’s New Goose: Let There Be Lights

As a photographer, Onne van der Wal understands the value of light, so one thing his recently purchased 1986 Grand Banks 32 would get is new interior lighting.

The old incandescent lights were energy hogs.

The old incandescent lights were energy hogs.

The original Grand Banks lights were contained inside recessed boxes in the overhead lining, but Onne decided it was time for brighter, more modern, energy-efficient LED lighting.

Onne and his wife Tenley selected the Imtra Orlando 85 LED lights because of their sleek, slim design and because Onne liked the spring loaded retainer arms that make installation easier. They also preferred  the wide flood cast of the 85s over a spot light. "It gives a very even, gezellig light," Onne says using a Dutch word that evokes a nice, warm, cozy feeling. "Plus another huge advantage is that they use 10 percent of the power of an incandescent light," he says.

In the video, Onne shows how he went about building and installing the new Imtra lights, a process that involved a lot of milling, drilling, cutting, gluing and varnishing of each of the custom teak and plywood boxes he constructed for every set of lights. To finish the covers, he used Total Boat Halcyon Clear water-based varnish.



Onne’s New Goose: Launch Day!

After six months of winter and spring labor, Onne and Tenley van der Wal launch their 1986 Grand Banks 32, Snow Goose

Screen Shot 2021-06-01 at 3.39.01 PM

Onne’s New Goose: Varnishing the Sole

Onne van der Wal tackles the varnished cabin sole, one of the last refit jobs before launching his 1986 Grand Banks 32, Snow Goose

Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 11.06.45 AM

Onne’s New Goose: Upgrading the Refrigerator System

Onne van der Wal was not happy with the refrigerator system on his 1986 Grand Banks 32, so he replaced it with a Sea Frost model.


Onne’s New Goose: Putting Wires Through the Deck

Onne van der Wal finds a cool little product to put wires through the deck of his Grand Banks 32 without causing leaks

Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 12.18.32 PM

Onne’s New Goose: Replacing the Forward Hatch

The lens on the forward hatch of Onne van der Wal's 1986 Grand Banks 32 was crazed, so he put in a new Lewmar hatch


Onne’s New Goose: Multifunction Display Installation Hack

Onne van der Wal figures out how to mount a multifunction display accessory pod on the flybridge of his 1986 Grand Banks 32.


Onne’s New Goose: Sanding the Teak Deck

Onne and Tenley van der Wal sand the old teak deck on their 1986 Grand Banks 32 and give it new life

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 4.54.55 PM

Onne’s New Goose: Onne’s Home Workshop

Onne gives a tour of his compact home workshop where he repairs and fabricates many of the components for the 1986 Grand Banks 32