Seamanship Quiz

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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute

1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: While traveling you lose all engine power and cannot make a repair. Your fog signal is: 

A. continuous sounding of foghorn

B. 2 prolonged blasts every 2 minutes

C. 1 prolonged, 2 short blasts every 2 minutes

D. 4 or more blasts

2. INLAND RULES: The prescribed lights for a sailboat at night under power are: 

A. masthead, stern and side lights

B. side and stern lights

C. masthead and stern lights

D. masthead and side lights

3. INLAND RULES: Define safe speed:

A. speed at which you can safely proceed in fog

B. speed at which you can stop in half the distance of the visibility

C. speed at which you can take proper action to avoid collision

D. slowest possible speed

4. When you hear “securitay” three times on your radiotelephone, it means:

A. The message to follow is a distress call.

B. The message may give important meteorological information.

C. The message will be in code.

D. The frequency will be pre-empted for 15 minutes.

5. The term “PSC” means:

A. per ship’s compass

B. per standard compass

C. point south correction

D. A or B may be used.

ANSWERS: 1. C, Rule 35(c), 3(f) 2. A, Rule 23, 3 3. C, Rule 6 4. B 5. D

 This article originally appeared in the January 2017 issue.