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Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute  


1. INTERNATIONAL RULES: For determining safe speed, all the following factors are mentioned by the Rules except:

A. the presence of background light at night

B. the draft in relation to available water depth

C. competency of the crew

D. constraints imposed by the radar range scale in use

2. INTERNATIONAL RULES: When, from any cause, the stand-on vessel finds herself so close that collision cannot be avoided by action of the give-way vessel alone, she shall:

A. take action necessary to avoid collision

B. sound the danger signal

C. sound the danger signal and take any necessary action

D. back down quickly

3. INTERNATIONAL RULES: You hear the firing of a gun. It is:

A. all over

B. a Cuban patrol boat

C. a vessel in distress

D. a vessel in danger

4. The letter “F” next to a buoy symbol means:

A. flashing light

B. fixed light

C. foreign

D. flame

5. In reading a weather map, closely spaced gradient lines indicate:

A. calm winds

B. strong winds

C. rough seas

D. clear weather


ANSWERS: 1. C, Rule 6 2. A, Rule 17 3. C, Annex IV 4. B 5. B