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Shedding a little light

Good lights are very important to have on board. Here are a few that we’ve found to be particularly helpful. Keep in mind that this is not equipment you should buy “cheap.”

Pelican SabreLite 2020 Recoil LED: This 8.75-inch flashlight uses Pelican’s “Recoil” technology to overcome the earlier issue that LED lights didn’t throw much of a beam. It directs the light backward to a reflector that sends it back out in a strong, collimated, piercing beam with no hole in the center. The light’s battery compartment is well designed to hold the batteries in place, protect them from shock and hold them firmly against the contact points. Pelican says it no longer manufactures this model, but there are several online retailers that offer it from around $50 to $60.

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Pelican SabreLite 2010 PL LED Photoluminescent: This 8-inch light has a photoluminescent lens cover, so it glows a little in the dark to help you find it. It has to have been recently exposed to some light, but we’ve found this glow to last through the night. It sells for around $50.

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Streamlight 3AA Haz-Lo Headlamp: This light has high-tech C4 LED technology, is exceptionally bright, has a run time that’s so long I forget I’m wearing it, and is UL-classified as Class 1 Division 1, as well as other ratings, which essentially mean you’re not likely to create an explosion when you wear it in a hazardous environment. This is extremely important when you’ve got to dive into an enclosed spot on a boat in trouble. MSRP is $67.

Streamlight has other excellent lights for on-board emergencies. The Waypoint is a small 210-lumen, 115,000-cd spotlight with an 8-1/2-hour run time in high beam, an integral stand so you can use it for hands-free scene lighting, and a very bright strobe. It is rated as water-resistant. MSRP is $100 for the alkaline model and $200 for the rechargeable. The Knucklehead is a bright, scene-illuminating work light with a very strong magnet and clip so you can easily secure it where needed and go about your business. MSRP is $139 for the alkaline model and $254 for the AC/DC model.

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