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A history of excellence


Charles Raymond Hunt is born in Duxbury, Mass.


Hunt leaves his job with Boston-based naval architect Frank Paine to form Concordia Co. with Waldo Howland.

Concordia Harrier


The partners introduce the Concordia yawl and the 24-foot International 110 with a ballasted fin keel and sloop rig.


Hunt tinkers with lobster boat designs and comes up with the Huntform series, a forerunner of deep-vee powerboats.

Lucky Moppie


Hunt introduces an early version of the deep-vee hull with Sea Blitz.


Hunt, Dick Fisher and Bob Pierce dream up an innovative trihull shape that becomes the famous 13-foot unsinkable Boston Whaler. The boat debuts at the New York Boat Show in 1958.

Bertram 31


Hunt produces the first wooden deep-vee hull, with lifting strakes and 24 degrees of deadrise. The 23-foot boat is used as a tender, turning heads in Newport, R.I. Dick Bertram notices and orders a 31-foot version.


Dick Bertram’s 31-foot Moppie, built as a Hunt deep-vee, sets a record in the 1960 Miami-Nassau Race. Bertram soon begins production of the Bertram 31 in fiberglass. It’s a huge hit, making Dick Bertram a wealthy man.


Hunt founds C. Raymond Hunt Associates in Boston, with partner John Deknatel. The naval architecture firm is formed to deal with the massive influx of design projects resulting from the popularity of the Bertram 31. The company is incorporated in 1966.

Early 1960s

Hunt attempts to secure patents on the deep-vee hull, but the patent is denied on a technicality. Other companies copy Hunt’s design without compensating him.


C. Raymond Hunt Associates incorporates as a company and introduces the Surfhunter 25, which soon gains popularity because of its superior stability and handling.

Huntform 37


Hunt dies at age 70.


Deep-vee hulls from C. Raymond Hunt Associates go on duty for the Coast Guard, law enforcement agencies and rescue operations.


Hunt Yachts is founded to build designs from C. Raymond Hunt Associates, establishing the firm as the only U.S.-based boatbuilder operated by naval architects.


The Hunt Harrier 36 wins a National Marine Manufacturers Association award for innovation, the industry’s highest honor.

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