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Albury Brothers 33 is Florida-built with Bahamian roots

Many new boats have become laden with creature comforts, so it’s refreshing to happen upon a simple, no-nonsense vessel such as the Albury Brothers 33, a center console with no grill, hi-def television, air conditioning or other luxuries.

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Albury Brothers has been building small boats on Man-O-War Cay in the Bahamas since 1952. In 2003 the family agreed to allow Albury enthusiast Jeff Lichterman to expand the business and build the boats in the United States, which is where this one is made.

The 33 can be powered with twin 300- or 350-hp outboards. With the 300s, you can run 1.8 mpg at 25 mph. Bump it up to 35 mph, and you still rack up good numbers — 1.4 mpg. The 33 hits 47 mph at WOT; however, she “is not meant to go super-fast, but to provide a seakindly ride with minimal bow rise and excellent visibility from the helm,” says Lichterman. A full forward section keeps her dry, and with her keel she tracks straight. “You can point the bow, set the throttles and go,” says Lichterman. “You don’t need trim tabs or autopilot — heck, you don’t even need to keep your hands on the wheel.”

Base price is $198,000. Check out the boat at the upcoming shows in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach, Florida. Albury Brothers also builds a 20, 23 and 27. The 27 will be on display at the Newport, Rhode Island, and Annapolis, Maryland, shows. 

Albury Brothers Boats has enlarged its U.S. operation for the 33 and to build more boats. “With the larger space and a half-dozen additional employees, we may get up to 40 to 45 boats,” says Lichterman. “But my goal is not to get big as a company, only to build a fine boat, built to order.”

Albury Brothers Boats, Riviera Beach, Florida, (561) 863-7006.

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue.