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Bertram owners

Bertram owners share their thoughts about their boats.

Bill and Linda Haury

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Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Bertram 51 convertible

I basically grew up with Bertrams. I sold them for a little bit. I’ve really been indoctrinated with the brand, and with their quality and performance and reliability. As our boats have gotten bigger, we don’t do as many day trips as we used to. We take the boat out and tie up for cocktails. But we still try to get out and do some fishing. I love the fit and finish. It’s very comfortable. The seakeeping ability of the Bertrams is almost legendary.

Mitch Kunik,
Boca Raton, Fla.
Charette, 2005
Bertram 39 convertible

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For a 39-foot boat, it’s got the same size layout and accommodations as the 51-foot boats we’ve looked at. In heavy seas, it handles like a 50-footer. We use it primarily for cruising with the family and for fishing and diving.

Bert and Di Perez

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Boca Raton, Fla.
Tiburon, 2007 Bertram 51 convertible

The thing we love best is the seaworthiness of the boat. The boat is the best sea boat we’ve ever had. It’s fabulous. In rough seas, you can’t beat a Bertram. We use it mostly to cruise in the Bahamas, and in Florida now.

Lee and Caroline Irvin

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Coconut Grove, Fla.
Sea Horse,
1969 Bertram 31
Bahia Mar hardtop

We customized this boat as a very functional small sportfish. We call it the poor man’s custom sportfish. It’s a wonderful marlin fishing boat. One or two people can fish on it really easily. It’s all rigged out for sailfishing as well. It’s a Bertram 31, so it’s a wet boat, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s very functional. It’s got the classic Bertram lines that I love. I like the look of the hardtop, and the hardtop is awful nice when it’s raining. It’s a great family boat. It’s a great fishing boat … [and] a good, safe boat if it gets a little hairy out there.

Thompson Lykes,
Coral Gables, Fla.
Salt Lick, 1983
Bertram 31 Flybridge

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Cruising with family, doing a little fishing. Every time I try to think of not liking the boat, I just look at the lines. I think it’s the classic lines [that I like most]. And it’s a Bertram 31 ride. If the ride’s uncomfortable, you know it’s time to come home.

Allen and Dee Dee Phillips
Destin, Fla.
1997 Bertram 60

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I love the boat. I love the hull. It has great seakeeping ability. I’ve owned this boat for 15 years. We’ve sportfished all over the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and we enjoy it. It’s a very good-riding boat. Great deep-vee hull. You go anywhere you want in it.

Robert Shapiro,
Annapolis, Md.
Lulu, 1986 Bertram 33 sportfisherman

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She’s just perfect for our family — two little kids, my wife and I. And to be able to have a 33-foot boat that is built like a brick sh--house and can make it from Annapolis to Boca and Boca to Bimini and Bimini to Boca … and back to Annapolis with the family and be 24 years old. … We just feel comfortable in it.

Mike and Marianne Klotz, Miami, Fla.

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Rascal, 2008 Bertram 51 convertible

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The Klotzes also have owned
a 28, 33, 38 and 46

This boat has probably fulfilled every need we’ve had in boating in terms of providing three spacious cabins, a large galley, a large saloon, comfortable master and VIP berths, a monster bridge — and it fishes great. We cruise and fish. We tow a 23-footer. We carry a 12-foot inflatable on the bow. It really is a family boat that does it all and does it all well. They have made a very strong advancement in engineering in these boats. Layouts and space utilization are greatly enhanced, economy has been enhanced over the old designs and, quite frankly, so has the maintenance and looks of the boats. We find the boat is easy to maintain, lovely to cruise on and comfortable, which is critical to us.

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