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Bonadeo 368 Walk-Around

While covering the St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show in December, I came across the Bonadeo 368 Walk-Around, a custom center console from Bonadeo Boatworks, of Stuart, Fla. With her yellow hull and matching triple 300-hp Mercury Verados, proud bow and broken sheer, the boat attracted a steady stream of show-goers.

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“In this size range and type of boat, there are not a lot of options for a custom boat,” says company vice president of operations Tony Bonadeo. “But there are many open boats out there that are specifically for fishing or family boating. We want to give people both. We’ve kept the walkaround style, with plenty of room for fishing, but it also has some nice amenities.”
Under the console, a cabin extends forward to house a queen-size berth. A sink and vanity are also standard, and the boat can be ordered with air conditioning and a flat-screen television.
The 368 — the 7-year-old family company’s seventh boat — leads the fleet as the flagship. The company, founded by Tony’s father, Larry Bonadeo, has also built 31- and 34-foot models. The 368 has a triple-seat helm, and the skipper drives from a Palm Beach-style teak helm pod with a stainless wheel and an oversized steering knob.
Bonadeo uses fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber and a composite core — vacuum-infused with vinylester resin — to build the boat. “When we’re done it’s a totally monolithic boat, with everything fiberglassed into place for a solid but light one-piece structure,” Tony Bonadeo says.
Not your typical monohull design, the 368 has no lifting strakes and a bottom that begins in a convex shape at the keel and transitions to concave toward the chines. “It works like an airplane wing, building lifting pressure from the center,” Bonadeo says. “You end up with a solid, deep-vee-feeling boat when you’re running, but at rest it is stable like a flat-bottom boat.”
Top speed hovers around 60 mph, with a 40- to 50-mph cruise. Set the throttles at 4,400 rpm — about 40 mph — for the best mileage, 1.2 mpg.


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LOA: 36 feet, 8 inches

BEAM: 10 feet

DRAFT: 1 foot, 11 inches

DISPLACEMENT: 12,900 pounds (full load with triple Verado 300s)

HULL TYPE: warped variable

HEADROOM: 6 feet, 5 inches

SPEED: 60 mph top, 47 mph cruise

TANKAGE: 324 gallons fuel, 48 gallons water, 6 gallons waste

POWER: triple 300-hp Mercury Verado 4-strokes

PRICE: $375,000 (base) with triple Verado 300s

CONTACT: Bonadeo Boatworks, Stuart, Fla., (772) 463-7447


This article originally appeared in the February 2012 issue.