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Center console meets express

Lately I seem to be using the words hybrid, crossover and multiuse to describe a growing number of outboard boats that excel for fishing and day boating. SeaVee has come up with another type of hybrid, one that mixes the center console and express fishing boat styles.

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The 430 Fish Around is the brainchild of SeaVee president Ariel Pared. The helm station superstructure is too big to call the boat a center console and too small to drop it into the express category. “It gives you the single-level, 360-degree walkaround capabilities of a center console but also the raised bridge deck with additional seating and cabin of an express boat,” Pared says.

The layout at the bow includes dual 50-gallon live wells, storage along the gunwales and a fishbox under the deck. Standard fishing features abound on the remainder of the boat, as well, including rod holders, a tackle/rigging station and fishboxes. The cabin houses a forward berth, a galley, a convertible dinette table and a head. With the drop-down Pullman bed, the boat sleeps five adults.

The 430 Fish Around will be available with triple or quad outboards, twin inboards or twin inboards with Volvo Penta IPS600 pods. With four Yamaha F350s, top speed should exceed 60 mph. Triple 300-hp Mercury outboards will push the boat into the mid-50-mph range. With IPS600s, fuel efficiency and speed should be comparable to smaller models, such as the SeaVee 340, with twin 300-hp Verados.

The boat is $542,000 with quad 350s and $508,500 with triples. The price with twin 600-hp Cummins diesels is $610,000, and it’s $597,000 with twin IPS600s. Look for the 430 Fish Around at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Oct. 31-Nov.4. Contact: SeaVee, Miami.

September 2013 issue