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New sailboats: The class of 2015

As boat show season gets underway, the generally positive economic climate in the United States promises to produce a bonanza of new sailboats, with builders seeking to capitalize on market conditions. This is especially true for European manufacturers that are looking to North America to make up for the lackluster performance of their domestic economies, which are continuing to deal with the repercussions of the Greek bailout.

Italia 13.98

One of the concomitants is the decline in value of the euro, which reduces the price of the boats exported to the United States. Look for newcomers Italia Yachts and Turkish brands Euphoria and Azuree, but don’t count out the new offerings from domestic builders J/Boats, Hunter-Marlow, US Watercraft and, for the first time in a decade, Hinckley.

And if you like speed and multihulls, there will be plenty to look at, such as Bavaria’s first multihull, the trailerable Dragonfly 25 trimaran or, on the aspirational end, the Gunboat G4, a foiling 40-foot cat with amenities. If you have a stack of green burning a hole in your pocket, there will be plenty of opportunities to fix that this fall. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new boat, treat yourself to a stroll around the docks. You might change your mind.

We asked manufacturers and importers to provide approximate prices for the boats in this roundup, which most did. However, several shared only base pricing, and others quoted boats that are equipped and ready to sail, so buyers will have to obtain the exact numbers from company representatives.


Hinckley Bermuda 50

Hinckley Bermuda 50

It’s been about a decade since Hinckley last introduced a new sailboat — the 42 DS, a luxury daysailer. The new Bermuda 50 is a Bill Tripp-designed custom racer/cruiser that spares no expense: hydraulic lifting keel, carbon Kevlar composite hull, carbon deck, carbon spars, laminate sails and a ton of digital gadgetry. True to Hinckley’s pedigree, the boat combines performance, elegance and comfort with the cachet of exclusivity. But ultimately it’s up to the owners to define the individual character of each yacht.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 49 feet, 10 inches LWL: 44 feet, 11 inches BEAM: 14 feet, 3 inches DRAFT (keel up/down): 6 feet, 6 inches/11 feet, 6 inches DISPLACEMENT: 25,400 pounds SAIL AREA: 1,624 square feet ENGINE: Nanni 4.60 60-hp diesel FUEL: 79 gallons WATER: 118 gallons PRICE: upon request.

Azuree 46

After the extravagant Azuree 33 and 40, designed by Giovanni Ceccarelli, Sirena Marine in Turkey turned to Rob Humphreys for a slightly more conventional approach with the Azuree 46. He came up with an elegant hull that sports a long waterline and carries its maximum beam well aft. High-end construction and carbon reinforcements that trim weight and add strength result in performance under sail. With a comfortable three-cabin layout and two heads, the Azuree 46 is set for her U.S. debut.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 45 feet, 11 inches LWL: 42 feet, 7 inches BEAM: 13 feet, 11 inches DRAFT: 8 feet, 6 inches DISPLACEMENT: 23,600 pounds BALLAST: 8,800 pounds SAIL AREA: 1,340 square feet, ENGINE: 55 hp FUEL: 57 gallons WATER: 98 gallons PRICE: $550,000.

Beneteau Oceanis 60

The successor to the Oceanis 58 has similar dimensions, but the designers at Berret Racoupeau gave the new model a complete makeover in the stern area, which now has a dinghy garage. Abaft the twin steering wheels and lounge seats is a protected sunbathing area. The mainsheet is run to the top of the cockpit arch, which tidies up this area and doubles as an anchor point for the Bimini and spray hood. True to fashion, the Oceanis 60 is offered with several rig options and interior layouts.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 62 feet, 3 inches LWL: 53 feet, 11 inches BEAM: 16 feet, 9 inches DISPLACEMENT: 21.6 feet DRAFT (deep/shoal): 28 feet, 10 inches/7 feet, 3 inches BALLAST (deep/shoal): 14,187 pounds/15,763 pounds SAIL AREA (120 percent genoa): 1,913 square feet ENGINE: 140 hp FUEL: 127 gallons WATER: 187 gallons PRICE: $766,000.

Euphoria 54

The stylish Euphoria 54 has been compared to a Swan, and that’s no coincidence because Euphoria manager Patrick Leley and designer German Frers worked for Nautor. The 54’s U-shaped hull and clean deck layout help maintain a “balance of performance, user friendliness and comfort,” according to Frers. Built from high-end materials at Sirena Marine in Turkey, the Euphoria targets cruising sailors who relish elegance and performance sailors who can add horsepower with a carbon rig and a square-top main.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 54 feet LWL: 48 feet BEAM: 15 feet DRAFT (standard/shoal): 10 feet/8 feet DISPLACEMENT: 39,500 pounds BALLAST: 13,700 pounds SAIL AREA: 1,790 square feet FUEL: 105 gallons WATER: 145 gallons ENGINE: 75 hp PRICE: $1.15 million.

Dufour 350 Grand Large

The 350 is part of Dufour’s updated Grand Large cruising line, which features angular cabin tops, larger windows and a beamy stern with a swim platform. Designer Umberto Felci endowed this 33-footer with a fixed short bowsprit and a chined hull to add more interior space in the stern. The mast is taller and farther aft than it is on the predecessor, the Dufour 335. As a consequence, the main is now sheeted with a bridle system rather than a conventional traveler. The 350 is available in two- and three-cabin layouts.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 33 feet, 6 inches LWL: 29 feet, 6 inches BEAM: 11 feet, 6 inches DISPLACEMENT: 12,300 pounds DRAFT (standard/shoal): 6 feet, 3 inches/5 feet, 1 inch BALLAST: 3,400 pounds SAIL AREA (jib/genoa): 592 square feet/645 square feet ENGINE: 19/30 hp FUEL: 42 gallons WATER: 58 gallons PRICE: $140,000.

Hanse 315

Hanse 315

The new Hanse 315 is the latest entry-level cruising boat from the German builder, and it promotes a back-to-basics theme. Tiller steering (wheel optional), a large sail area and control lines led aft to the helm all emphasize Hanse’s focus on simplicity and short-handed sailing. The interior — in mahogany, cherry or oak trim — is open (V-berth separator optional), and occupants of the aft berth bed down athwartships.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 31 feet, 6 inches LWL: 28 feet, 5 inches BEAM: 11 feet DRAFT (standard/shoal): 6 feet, 1 inch/4 feet, 5 inches DISPLACEMENT: 10,400 pounds BALLAST (standard/shoal): 3,300 pounds/3,637 pounds SAIL AREA: 506 square feet FUEL: 160 gallons WATER: 230 gallons ENGINE: 12 hp PRICE: $105,000.

Hanse 455

This yacht might look deceptively similar to her predecessor, the Hanse 445, but designers increased the waterline length and hull height, which resulted in considerably more space on deck and below, and more leg room in the cockpit, which is nearly a foot wider. In addition to a number of layout variations (three or four cabins), colors, woods and fabrics, which Hanse is known for, the 455 features enhancements for the more leisure-oriented sailor, such as a wet bar, a barbecue and a sun lounge on the foredeck.


LOA: 45 feet, 7 inches LWL: 40 feet BEAM: 14 feet, 4 inches DRAFT (standard/shoal): 7 feet, 4 inches/5 feet, 8 inches DISPLACEMENT: 25,600 pounds BALLAST: 7,700 pounds ENGINE: 53 hp FUEL: 220 gallons WATER: 450 gallons SAIL AREA: 1,108 square feet PRICE: $385,000.

Dufour 382 Grand Large

More volume and more space is the mantra for the Dufour 382 Grand Large, which is new to the U.S. market this fall. The interior layout features a standard inline galley (L-shaped pantry optional) and six options for two- or three-cabin layouts, plus an option for two heads. The 382 promises to be lively under sail, even a dash sporty, especially with the option of a taller rig.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 36 feet, 10 inches LWL: 32 feet, 5 inches, BEAM: 12 feet, 7 inches DISPLACEMENT: 15,081 pounds DRAFT (standard/shoal): 6 feet, 4 inches/5 feet, 4 inches BALLAST (standard/shoal): 4,100 pounds/4,300 pounds SAIL AREA (jib/genoa): 623 square feet/690 square feet ENGINE: 30 hp FUEL: 53 gallons WATER: 95 gallons PRICE: $190,000.

Marlow-Hunter 31

Marlow-Hunter 31

Designer Glenn Henderson stuck to his guns when he drew this comfortable and spacious cruiser, which features the trademark cockpit arch on top of an updated hull with hard chines aft. In addition to contemporary construction methods and materials, Marlow-Hunter also touts “hand crafted … teak furniture and floors, Corian countertops, ball-bearing drawer hardware and name brand appliances.” The boat can be ordered with a standard or furling mainsail.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 32 feet, 4 inches LWL: 29 feet, 8 inches BEAM: 11 feet, 10 inches DRAFT (standard/shoal): 5 feet, 5 inches/4 feet, 5 inches DISPLACEMENT (standard/shoal): 11,900 pounds/12,000 pounds BALLAST (standard/shoal): 3,379 pounds/3,525 pounds SAIL AREA: 581 square feet ENGINE: 21 hp/29 hp (Saildrive) FUEL: 21 gallons WATER: 50 gallons PRICE: $144,500.

Grand Soleil 43

Grand Soleil and Cantiere del Pardo continue to turn out boats that deliver the kind of performance their looks promise. The new 43 was designed by Claudio Maletto, who opted for a hull with minimum wetted surface, a wide and open stern, and a T-keel with lead bulb. Twin steering stations, a recessed traveler, and hidden sheets and control lines accentuate her sleek look. The builder replaced the steel grid in the hull bottom with a carbon-reinforced fiberglass structure that ties directly into the chain plates to take up the rig loads.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis (U.S. premiere)

LOA: 43 feet, 5 inches LWL: 36 feet, 4 inches BEAM: 13 feet, 2 inches DRAFT: (standard/shoal): 7 feet, 11 inches/6 feet, 6 inches DISPLACEMENT: 20,100 pounds BALLAST: 6,830 pounds SAIL AREA: 1,035 square feet FUEL: 58 gallons WATER: 95 gallons ENGINE: 55 hp PRICE: $475,000.

Jeanneau 54

Jeanneau 54

With her large windows in the rounded coach roof, the Jeanneau 54 makes no secret about her heritage, which is derived from the builder’s flagship 64. Designers Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch gave her cockpit coamings that reach far forward to create additional seating next to the companionway. Other notable features include a forward sun lounge, a stern that’s closed flush by the swim platform and retractable dinghy davits. Jeanneau offers the 54 with rig options and three or four cabins in a variety of layouts.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 53 feet LWL: 46 feet, 9 inches BEAM: 16 feet, 1 inch Draft (standard/shoal): 7 feet, 4 inches/5 feet, 9 inches DISPLACEMENT: 37,840 pounds BALLAST (standard/shoal): 10,240 pounds/11,000 pounds SAIL AREA: 1,324 square feet ENGINE: 75 hp (110 hp optional) FUEL: 63 gallons WATER: 192 gallons PRICE: $475,000.

Dehler 46

When Dehler’s flagship 46 was introduced in Europe last year, the sailing qualities and variety of options available resonated with critics. From racing to sporty cruising with friends and family, this Judel- Vrolijk design will satisfy different sailing tastes. Options include a carbon rig, a deep T-keel, a fold-down swim platform and a bow thruster for maneuvering in close quarters.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 47.2 feet LWL: 42.3 feet BEAM: 14.2 feet DRAFT (standard/race/shoal): 7.3 feet/8.2 feet/6 feet DISPLACEMENT (standard/race/shoal): 24,691 pounds/23,589 pounds/25,463 pounds BALLAST (standard/race/shoal): 7,716 pounds/6,944 pounds/8,487 pounds ENGINE: 53 hp FUEL: 55 gallons WATER: 118 gallons PRICE: $327,000.

Italia 13.98

In 2013 this boutique builder from Chioggia, near Venice, Italy, took the European Yacht of the Year award in the luxury cruiser category with the Italia 13.98. The deck is free of line clutter, the swim ladder and spray hood are neatly tucked away, and the furling system is hidden below deck. All of these features contribute to the boat’s sleek appearance. But a sailboat should be about sailing, and that’s where the Italia 13.98 scored big.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 46 feet, 11 inches LWL: 40 feet, 11 inches BEAM: 14 feet, 1 inch DRAFT: 7 feet, 11 inches DISPLACEMENT: 21,000 pounds BALLAST: 6,900 pounds SAIL AREA: 1,345 square feet FUEL: 63 gallons WATER: 126 gallons PRICE: $465,000.

Alerion Sport 30

Alerion has been the epitome of the elegant daysailer with a large cockpit and small accommodations since Nathanael Herreshoff’s days. In the 1990s, California designer Carl Schumacher revived this idea with the popular Alerion Express 28, which dazzled with classic lines but also a modern sail plan and appendages. The new Alerion Sport 30 is a direct descendant that has been optimized to offer a bit more space, but mostly to pack more punch, with optional features such as a carbon bowsprit and a roller furling A-sail.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 30 feet, 1 inch LWL: 24 feet, 5 inches BEAM: 8 feet, 9 inches DRAFT: 5 feet DISPLACEMENT: 6,400 pounds BALLAST: 2,650 pounds SAIL AREA: 465 square feet ENGINE: 20 hp PRICE: $199,500.


Elegance and evolution is what the “E” in the model name stands for. It also reflects the trend toward multipurpose yachts on both sides of the pond, and this new 36-foot performance cruiser with a two-cabin layout promises a bit of everything: a spirited dash around the buoys, a leisurely sail after work on a mild summer evening, cruising with family. The J/112E combines such performance features as a powerful sail plan, retractable bowsprit and long waterline with comfort items such as backrests on the cockpit seats.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 36 feet LWL: 31.75 feet BEAM: 11.75 feet DRAFT: 6.9 feet DISPLACEMENT: 11,300 pounds SAIL AREA: 699 square feet ENGINE: 30 hp FUEL: 18.5 gallons WATER: 53 gallons PRICE: $274,000.


Bali 4.3

Space is the catchword on cruising cats, and the Bali 4.3 has plenty of it. Lounging in the forward cockpit, lounging in the open saloon, lounging in the aft cockpit or on the cushions behind the steering station up on the hardtop. Perhaps the neatest feature is the glass door that swings up electrically to open the passage between the saloon and the aft deck. Available in several layouts, the Bali 4.3 looks like it would be at home in the trade winds of the tropics or summer breezes of the Cote d’Azur.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 43 feet LWL: 41.4 feet BEAM: 23.35 feet DRAFT: 3.93 feet

DISPLACEMENT: 14.255 tons (maximum) SAIL AREA: 1,011 square feet FUEL: 221 gallons WATER: 221 gallons ENGINES: twin 40 hp PRICE: $483,000.

Dragonfly 25

Since the early 1980s, Danish designer and boatbuilder Jens Quorning has been a staunch believer in small, fast, foldable, trailerable trimarans. The new Dragonfly 25, the latest and smallest of his creations, comes with lots of nifty features, such as an off-center centerboard for more space in the saloon, a rotating mast and angled, high-volume amas. Offered in touring and racing versions, it’s your choice between quick and very quick.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 25 feet BEAM (sailing/folded): 19 feet/7.5 feet DRAFT (board up/down): 1 foot/5 feet DISPLACEMENT: 2,315 pounds SAIL AREA (standard/sport): 366 square feet/441 square feet ENGINE: 5 hp outboard PRICE: $80,000.

Corsair Pulse 600

The Corsair Pulse 600 comes to the United States from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s a small, folding trimaran in the mold of the Nigel Irens-designed Searail 19. Carbon-reinforced construction, wave-piercing bows, angled amas and a small cuddy are the key features of this beachable and trailerable boat, which offers multihull fun and puts you on the water fast.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 19 feet, 8 inches BEAM (sailing/folded): 14 feet, 9 inches/8 feet DRAFT (board up/down): 9 inches/3 feet, 11 inches WEIGHT: 1,000 pounds SAIL AREA: 282 square feet PRICE: $35,500.

Bavaria Catamaran Open 40

Bavaria Catamaran Open 40

Earlier this year, Bavaria acquired French catamaran builder Nautitech, and the first build to reach U.S. shores is the Open 40, designed by Marc Lombard. The boat, which emphasizes outdoor living and sailing performance, has two steering stations aft to put the helmsperson closer to the water. The saloon is smaller than on other cats of similar size, which creates a large aft cockpit that can be enclosed with soft panels.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 39 feet, 4 inches BEAM: 22 feet, 8 inches DRAFT: 4 feet, 5 inches DISPLACEMENT: 17,196 pounds SAIL AREA: 980 square feet ENGINES: twin 30 hp FUEL: 79 gallons WATER: 126 gallons PRICE: 390,000.

Gunboat G4

A cruising cat that foils? What would have been dismissed as ludicrous a few years ago now is reality with the new Gunboat G4. This 40-foot cat dazzled earlier this year as it tore up the racecourse in the Caribbean with speeds in excess of 30 knots. A spectacular capsize proved that the G4’s construction is sturdy, but also showed that it’s not a beginner’s ride. Even so, there will be a line at the Gunboat booth during the upcoming shows.

BOAT SHOWS: Newport, Annapolis

LOA: 39.82 feet LWL: 39.82 feet BEAM: 22.24 feet DRAFT (boards up/down): 1.80 feet/8 feet DISPLACEMENT (light/loaded): 5,950 pounds/9,480 pounds ENGINES: 8-kW Oceanvolt electric drive WATER: 11 gallons PRICE: $950,000.

Leopard 40

The Leopard 40 is a modern rendition of the traditional cruising-cat concept, maximizing interior space and livability while simplifying operation from the raised helm station. A nice touch is the door at the forward end of the saloon, between the nav table and galley, for quick access to the foredeck. Builder Robertson & Caine offers a three-cabin layout for private owners and a four-cabin version for charter use.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis

LOA: 39 feet, 4 inches LWL: 38 feet, 1 inch BEAM: 22 feet, 1 inch DRAFT: 4 feet, 1 inch DISPLACEMENT: 20,600 pounds SAIL AREA: 1,032 square feet Engine: twin 29 hp FUEL: 95 gallons WATER: 206 gallons PRICE: $429,000. leopard

Maine Cat 38

Maine Cat has been known to pursue a slightly different design philosophy than most other cruising cat builders: simple, smart and, above all, light. Thanks to thermoforming and resin infusion, the hull and deck of the 38 weigh only 1,280 pounds combined, according to company founder/designer Dick Vermeulen. This semicustom boat also has a bridge deck and retractable boards for better upwind pointing and beachability.

BOAT SHOWS: Annapolis (tentative)

LOA: 37 feet, 10 inches LWL: 36 feet, 5 inches BEAM: 21 feet DRAFT (boards up/down): 19 inches/6 feet, 6 inches DISPLACEMENT (light): 8,100 pounds SAIL AREA: 812 square feet ENGINE: 50 hp FUEL: 50 gallons WATER: 62 gallons PRICE: $349,000.

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue.