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SeaVee 390-Z

SeaVee Boats has launched a series of center consoles with stepped hulls — the Z Series — that offer better efficiency and overall performance. I checked out the 390-Z late last year, and the 32- and 34-footers should be ready for viewing at the Miami International Boat Show in February.

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The 390-Z rides a “high-performance twin-stepped hull,” says SeaVee president Ariel Pared. “We have a lot of customers looking for high performance. Stepped hulls are fast and are better on fuel. There are a lot of stepped hulls out there but not that many that actually are effective. We wanted to give the boater a stepped hull that really works the way it is supposed to work.”

The design allows the boat to maintain an efficient running angle, says naval architect Rob Kaidy, CEO of Ocean5 Naval Architects, the firm that designed the Z Series boats. “Every planing hull has an optimal trim angle where the lift is greatest and the drag is lowest,” says Kaidy. “It’s called the drag bucket.”

I found the 390-Z’s drag bucket at 4,000 rpm during a short sea trial in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Here, the triple Yamaha F350s burned 39 gallons per hour (combined) for a mileage rating of 1.2 mpg. The boat rose to plane with hardly any bow rise and maintained a flat running angle throughout the power curve. I threw her into some hard turns at around 35 mph, and there were no signs of stern sliding, which can happen with some stepped hulls.

The air that a stepped hull introduces under way has the potential to interfere with bait well pickups and transducers for the sounder, but SeaVee has built a keel pad in the bottom that allows the transducer to maintain depth and speed readouts at high speeds. It also funnels sea water directly to the bait well intake.

The port and starboard bow seats can be propped up to create forward-facing lounges, and toekick space surrounds the perimeter of the cockpit, which includes a raised live well at the stern and a two-person aft-facing settee on the leaning post’s aft side. Powered forward console doors slide outboard to open.


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LOA: 39 feet

BEAM: 11 feet

HULL DISPLACEMENT: 11,820 pounds

HULL DRAFT: 2 feet, 2 inches

POWER: triple Yamaha F350s

SPEED: 68.5 mph top, 45.2 mph cruise

TRANSOM DEADRISE: 22.5 degrees

TANKAGE: 538 gallons fuel, 60 gallons water

PRICE: $295,600

CONTACT: SeaVee Boats, Miami

(305) 759-6419.

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February 2014 issue