Suzuki Rolls Out 350-hp Outboard

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Photo of Suzuki 350HP Outboard

Suzuki Marine has introduced its biggest outboard — the 350-hp DF350A 4-stroke. The engine has a V-6 powerhead, a high-performance 12-to-1 compression ratio and “contra-rotating” dual props, among other features.

“We have watched with great interest as boats have gotten bigger, especially in the center console market,” Yasuharu Osawa, executive general manager for Suzuki Motor Corp., states in a press release. “Not only that, but we’ve seen an increasing preference for outboards on all kinds of boats that used to be exclusively sterndrive or inboard.”

The compression ratio is the highest ever utilized in an outboard, according to Suzuki, producing 80 horses per liter. A direct intake system with a dual-louver setup diverts microscopic water molecules away from the intake flow. Dual fuel injectors in each cylinder head help boost output.

The counter-rotating props have twice the blade area and provide more “grip” in the water, which increases hole shot performance and reduces time to plane, according to Suzuki. The setup also takes advantage of the powerhead’s increased torque.

The DF350A is available in 25- and 30-inch shaft lengths, weighing 727 and 747 pounds, respectively. Suzuki Motor of America, Brea, California. (714) 572-1490.

This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue.