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1. Row, row, row your boat

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Share your passion with some landlubbers and introduce them to the joys of being on the water. It won’t require much effort, thanks to the inherent beauty of the ocean, bays, sounds, rivers and other bodies of water.

Point out historic harbors, distinctive boats, the swift current. Explain “red, right, returning.” In Florida, I show guests dolphins, great herons and rays, and when I head offshore a bit they can see flying fish and sea turtles.

Another fun way to introduce others to your passion is to teach them how to row. Show them how sensitive to weight a dinghy can be and have them install the oarlocks. Teach them a simple stroke and demonstrate feathering the blades. Explain paddle steering and the impact of wind and tide. Or you can forget the coaching and have them watch you row and then mimic your form and technique.

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