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10. Get the kids hooked

There’s nothing quite like watching a kid’s face when the rod tip really starts thumping, and he or she realizes they’ve hooked a real live fish this time, not the bottom again.

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“I’ve got one! I’ve really got one!”

That’s one of the sweet shouts of summer.

I’ve happily indoctrinated my four children and any of their willing friends into the ancient piscatorial arts. The secret to a successful fishing trip with kids is catching. It doesn’t really matter what they catch or how big it is. Kids like action, which usually means quantity is more desirable than size. If you can catch something for the table and your young charges are up for it, so much the better.

A piece of shrimp, squid, clam or other natural bait will usually make the rod bend before too long. But don’t overdo it. If the fish are on holiday and refusing to bite, move to another activity before the kids get bored.

When my children were younger, we used to slow-troll the deep drops along the sandbars in a sunny protected bay with a sandworm and spinner rig for small striped bass. One minute the rod was just a rod and the next it was alive and dancing.

“Got one!”

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