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6. Unplug and reconnect

Like many of us, I spend more and more of my life tethered to a bevy of electronic devices — smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet. Am I ever without my phone?

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For me, my boat is one of the last sanctuaries from the 24/7 perpetually connected world. It’s a place where I go to unwind, relax and recharge my batteries. But it doesn’t happen by accident. I make it a point when I step on board to not only turn off the ringer, but also to stow the phone someplace where it’s out of sight. If I’m out alone, I let my wife and kids know they won’t be able to reach me for a while. The phone will be off.

If you’re expecting an important call, that’s one thing. Otherwise, try unplugging this summer. Listen to the shore birds, the distant clang of a buoy, the drone of a diesel workboat passing in the distance. Read a book. Have a conversation with the people on your boat and not someone 100 miles away. You’ll come back refreshed.

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