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8. Bare it all

We had gotten under way early in the morning to see the tall ships that were visiting New London, Connecticut. Many of them were still anchored in Long Island Sound when we arrived, so we had a wonderful opportunity to motor around, shooting pictures and taking in the spectacle as the fleet prepared to enter the Thames River.

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As we returned home, the July sun burned off the haze, and the heat was on. Time to shut down the engine and go for a swim. But there was a problem: I was the only one on the boat who hadn’t brought a swimsuit. We were a half-mile from shore, so I shed my pride, along with my clothes, and jumped over the side.

Whatever the motivation, swimming au naturel is a liberating experience. And don’t over-think it. If the mood strikes and conditions are right, go for it. The birthday suit trumps the swimsuit any day.

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