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“Around the Next Bend”

Couple sails deep into Central America

“Around the Next Bend,” ($18.50, Katchor Enterprises, 2008) by Bernie Katchor, is the story of Bernie and Yvonne Katchor, who have been adventure-seeking sailors for more than 44 years.

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The book tells the story of their seven-month journey deep into the wilderness of Guyana and Panama, learning from the locals and exploring flora and fauna.

Aboard their 43-foot ketch, Australia 31, the Katchors come to know the Macareo River, the Orinoco River, and the Barima River and onto the Caribbean Sea. The book contains 96 of the author’s photographs, as well as recipes from each local area and tips for travelers to the region.

Bernie and Yvonne Katchor hail from the Whitsunday Islands in North Queensland, Australia. They have lived aboard Australia 31 for 15 years.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2009 issue.