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Beating the Blowfish

Seize the day - and days ahead

"Beating the Blowfish" (Sheridan House, 2010, $19.95) is an autobiography by Emma Pontin, a young Londoner who rides the subways each day to a career in banking and seeks to quench a thirst for bluewater sailing.

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At age 32, Pontin completed her first ocean crossing and spent the next four years racing professionally in Europe and the Caribbean.

Just hours before departing on another trans-Atlantic yacht race in 2006, she received a phone call that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She missed that sailrace, but sailed as hard as she could through a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Throughout the ordeal, her focus was simple: If she could still sail, then she was still alive.

"Blowfish," a reference to her unpredictable ailment, is written with humor and optimism by a young woman determined to live a full life and a young sailor not ready to give up the helm.

This article originally appeared in Home Waters Sections of the March 2011 issue.