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Beer in the Bilges: Sailing Adventures in the South Pacific

A voyage to Polynesia

“Beer in the Bilges: Sailing Adventures in the South Pacific” is perhaps best described as a freewheeling chronicle of characters met while cruising (iUniverse, 370 pages, $14.90 on Amazon), written by sailing buddies Alan Boreham, Peter Jinks and Bob Rossiter.

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The Australian, Canadian and Kiwi sailors set off from different ports on two classic yachts — one with a Hollywood celebrity on board — before eventually meeting on a voyage to Polynesia. Their journey is filled with unexpected moments — both lighthearted and dramatic — and an eclectic array of salty and offbeat islanders. Amid the leaking bilges, seasickness and unpredictable weather, the sailors come to appreciate the spirituality of life and form a lifelong bond of friendship.

December 2013 issue