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Boating books review: For love of a classic

As an editor and writer for the British magazine Classic Boat, Nic Compton has sailed aboard dozens of classic yachts all over the world.

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His essays have been compiled in Ultimate Classic Yachts: 20 of the World’s Most Beautiful Classic Yachts. The hardcover coffee-table book is full of gorgeous photography showcasing these boats as works of art, anchored by Compton’s detailed histories. “What has struck me each time is that these boats all have a story to tell,” he explains in the introduction. “For these are not just boats; they are personalities.” Compton delivers with prose that tells of design elements, construction, restorations, epic journeys and tests of seamanship. (Bloomsbury, $50)

A Man, A Woman, A Trawler

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Midwestern writer Felicia Schneiderhan has penned a breezy account of her life with a river rat who has two loves: his family and his boat. Newlyweds Afloat is the story of her falling in love with her future husband, who lives aboard a 38-foot trawler docked on the Chicago waterfront. Their relationship is both tested and strengthened by living in a tiny space that’s much smaller than her apartment, and by the never-ending mechanical quirks of the aging Marine Trader they call home. In the end, her memoir is simultaneously about relationships and boats, and she chronicles the evolution of both with candor and humor. (Breakaway Books, $11.90)

Hone Your Anchoring Skills

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Anchoring: A Ground Tackler’s Apprentice is exactly what its title proclaims — and a little more. The knowledge that Rudy and Jill Sechez impart comes from years of living aboard and cruising a 34-foot sail-assisted wooden trawler of their own design and build. Beyond the hows and whys of choosing and deploying ground tackle, the authors present their tried-and-true concepts on such topics as the “paradox of stretch” in rope, the type of bottom and modifications in scope that each demands, and myths and misconceptions about anchoring. The writing is technically detailed but presented in a comprehensible style. (Waterway Guide Media, $25)

This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue.