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Boating books review: ‘Johnny is missing’

On July 24, 2013, lobsterman John Aldridge fell overboard 40 miles off Long Island, New York, as his fishing partner aboard Anna Mary, Anthony Sosinski, slept below. Lost in the North Atlantic without a life jacket, fending off sharks and sea birds, Aldridge discovers that his boots can be filled with air, which “changes everything.” Meanwhile, the close-knit Montauk fishing community joins with the Coast Guard to bring home one of their own.

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A Speck in the Sea includes Aldridge’s account and Sosinki’s narration of the rescue operation that saved him. (Weinstein Books, $27)

Ice Dodgers

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There are seven routes through the Northwest Passage, and David Scott Cowper has sailed all of them — four single-handed. The Frozen Frontier is the story of his fifth transit, and it’s written by crewmember Jane Maufe, the four times great-niece of Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin, who died trying to find the Northwest Passage in 1847. Leaving Ireland in August 2012 on the aluminum 48-footer Polar Bound, a former lifeboat, they became the first private vessel to navigate the most northerly route. (Bloomsbury, $28)

Small Boats, Epic Voyages

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In Notable Boats, Nic Compton summarizes the stories of 36 real and fictional small boats and their inspirational voyages, from an 11-foot micro-cruiser built on an apartment balcony and sailed around the world, to a seven-day voyage that changed singer-songwriter John Lennon’s life. There are tales from the Nile to the Poles, and from the Spanish Main across the Seven Seas. Each story includes a color illustration of the boat, the plan view showing its deck layout and a map of its course. (Rizzoli International Publications, $30)

This article originally appeared in the June 2017 issue.


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Boating books review: Navigating by the stars

Traditional navigation skills are a hallmark of prudent seamanship, and they can be lifesaving when you’re at sea.

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Boating books review: Great Lakes under siege

The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh surface water in the world, providing food, work and recreation for millions. Yet they are under threat, and their problems are worsening.

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Boating Books Review: Herreshoff Illustrated

During its 67 years in operation, Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. built some 2,000 vessels — yachts and racers, one designs and daysailers, steam cruisers and motor launches.  Herreshoff: American Masterpieces celebrates the legacy and longevity of these creations — more than 400 exist today.


Boating books review: A man of the sea

In the summer of 1898, Joshua Slocum made landfall in New England after completing the world’s first solo circumnavigation.