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Boating books review: Navigating by the stars

Today’s technology makes navigating much easier, but electronic devices are not infallible.

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Traditional navigation skills are a hallmark of prudent seamanship, and they can be lifesaving when you’re at sea. Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen by Mary Blewitt has been updated and revised by Andy Du Port, a former editor of Reeds Nautical Almanac and a retired commodore of the Royal Navy. The 13th edition includes examples, diagrams and guidance on the theory and practice of celestial navigation. It contains practical information for novice navigators and old salts looking to refresh their skills. (Bloomsbury, $17)

Bringing Boats Back To Life

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Fiberglass Boat Restoration by Capt. Wayne Canning is a good resource for anyone thinking about a do-it-yourself boat project. A master boatbuilder and repairer, Canning advises against simply diving in and tearing the boat apart. He recommends breaking the project into manageable phases to avoid becoming overwhelmed. The book takes readers through what to look for in a project boat, planning the workflow and budgeting. Though Canning focuses on fiberglass boats, much of the information is useful for project boats constructed of other materials, as well. (Seahorse Publishing, $17)

Havana Dreaming

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With travel restrictions easing, many American cruisers have Cuba on their radar. Waterway Guide Cuba has been updated for 2017 and includes mile-by-mile navigation information, marina listings, GPS waypoints, anchorage locations and advice for going ashore, as well as color pictures of waterways, ports and attractions. Written from a boater’s perspective, it’s designed to help you plan your trip and make cruising easier once you get to the island, where you’ll experience pristine cruising grounds, white beaches and Cuba’s historic atmosphere. (Waterway Guide, $60)

This article originally appeared in the July 2017 issue.


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Boating books review: ‘Johnny is missing’

On July 24, 2013, lobsterman John Aldridge fell overboard 40 miles off Long Island, New York, as his fishing partner aboard Anna Mary, Anthony Sosinski, slept below.

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Boating books review: Great Lakes under siege

The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh surface water in the world, providing food, work and recreation for millions. Yet they are under threat, and their problems are worsening.

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Boating Books Review: Herreshoff Illustrated

During its 67 years in operation, Herreshoff Manufacturing Co. built some 2,000 vessels — yachts and racers, one designs and daysailers, steam cruisers and motor launches.  Herreshoff: American Masterpieces celebrates the legacy and longevity of these creations — more than 400 exist today.