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"Capt. Nat Herreshoff: The Wizard of Bristol"

Getting to know the real ‘Wizard of Bristol'
Nathanael Herreshoff's yacht designs are as legendary as the man himself. But who was the true man behind the design?

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"Capt. Nat Herreshoff: The Wizard of Bristol" ($29.95, Sheridan House Inc., 2009) written by his son L. Francis Herreshoff, has been reissued in paperback with a new cover depicting the famous captain.
Not bothering with an introduction, Herreshoff dives into discussing not only his father's life on the water, but also the inspiration behind the boat designs. The biography also reviews "the Herreshoff Era" between 1890 and 1920 when some of Capt. Nat's greatest vessels were built. The book is illustrated with rare black-and-white photographs and boat plans.
L. Francis Herreshoff was born in Bristol, R.I., and went on to become a noted designer for racing and cruising yachts as well as canoes and kayaks. He died in 1972. His other books include "The Common Sense of Yacht Design," "The Compleat Cruiser," and "Sensible Cruising Designs."
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This article originally appeared in the Home Waters sections of the July 2010 issue.