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C&D Canal dos and don’ts

• Anchoring is strictly prohibited in the C&D — all boats are required to keep moving.

The vehicle carrier Brilliant Ace passes under the Roth Bridge. The C&D Canal saves ships such as this a lot of time and money.

• Sailing is prohibited because it reduces maneuverability. Sailboats must motor through.

• Be prepared for fog, and don’t enter the canal if poor visibility has closed it.

• Honor the “Rule of Tonnage”: Let the big boat go first.

• Ships have to hold to the center of the channel, so smaller boats — meaning all recreational boats — should keep to the side and must stay out of the way of commercial traffic.

• The Army Corps monitors channels 13 and 16, but channel 13 (bridge to bridge) is the working frequency and should be used in the canal to communicate with ships and the Army Corps dispatcher in Chesapeake City. Any problem with controlling your boat, such as engine failure, should be reported immediately.

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December 2014 issue