VIDEO: The Connecticut River Valley

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There are many reasons to visit the Connecticut River. Besides a new infrastructure grant that supports marinas, the river is a beautiful location with a lot to offer to boaters.



The Connecticut River Valley Is About To Get BIG

Emmett Lyman can remember being a boy, trying to boat and play along the Connecticut River during the 1950s and ‘60s. It just wasn’t the kind of place that any boy’s mother wanted him to hang out.


The Connecticut River Valley Goes BIG

Federal grants are being used to improve water access and upgrade boating facilities along the scenic Connecticut River.


You’ve Got Some Options On The Lower Connecticut River

The lower Connecticut River has been called one of the last great places on Earth. For boaters who’d like to explore the region, Old Saybrook, at the river’s mouth, and Essex, 6 miles upstream, are good  places to start.


The River That Flows Both Ways

A weekend cruise aboard a fantail trawler reveals the many charms of the Lower Hudson River.