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Cruising the East Coast with Tom Neale

For readers who dream about cruising with Soundings technical editor Tom Neale,

comes "Cruising the East Coast with Tom Neale," a two-disc DVD set published by BoatU.S. for $29.95.

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Tom and his wife Mel take viewers aboard their Gulfstar 53 motorsailer Chez Nous through Florida on the first DVD and head north into Nantucket on the second DVD, sharing their experiences as well as valuable tips for cruising. Having lived on Chez Nous since 1979, Tom and Mel have become experts on navigation and handling whatever comes their way as they journey along together.

Neale writes the monthly Sea Savvy column for Soundings and has written "All in the Same Boat" and "Chesapeake Bay Cruising Guide, Upper Bay". Mel was cruising editor for the Waterway Guide for 14 years and has taught navigation and other workshops for women. The couple also writes a "Cruising for You" blog on To order a copy, visit

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Section of the February 2010 issue.