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Cuba Run

Sailing into danger in Cuban waters

Dave Schaefer, a cruising sailor and writer with an affinity for Cuba, has penned a fictional action thriller with the island as the centerpiece.

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"Cuba Run" (Wing Press Books, $10.95) features a recasting of some of the real characters in Schaefer's non-fiction book, "Sailing to Hemingway's Cuba," about his own four-year sailing experience.

His new book, which the author describes as "a potboiler," tells a tale of a liveaboard sailor who must go to Cuba to rescue his daughter from the secret police, who have recruited her as a spy for a South Florida Cuban exile group.

Her father sails to Cuba, where things go wrong and he becomes caught up in a prison break and a desperate attempt to escape the island.

The 244-page book is also available for download in all formats from the publisher ( or

This article originally appeared in the Home Waters section of the April 2011 issue.