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Flavey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island

Fishing’s hot spots on Long Island

Kevin Falvey’s “Flavey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island” ($19.95, Geared Up Publications, 2009) is an in-depth discussion on species-specific fishing techniques and rigging, as well as hot spots for sound, bay and coastal waters.

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The book gives readers custom-marked charts to show hot-spot fishing areas, a knot-tying guide with custom illustrations, and demonstrates how and why fish will hook with specific tides and lures. The guide comes with 130 pictures and illustrations, and covers winter and summer flounder, striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, blackfish, black sea bass, porgy and others.

Falvey currently resides in East Quogue, N.Y., and grew up fishing the Long Island waters from Throng’s Neck to Montuck. He contributes to The Fisherman magazine and is the senior technical editor at Boating magazine.

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This article originally appeared in the Home Waters Sections of the October 2009 issue.