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Gary Jobson An American Sailing Story

From champion to ambassador

Sailing has many legends and icons, but the face of the sport for the last three decades has been Gary Jobson.

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From America’s Cup champion to television commentator and lecturer, Jobson is ubiquitous on the sailing circuit.

“Gary Jobson: An American Sailing Story” (2011, Nomad Press, $26.95 hardcover, 245 pages) is his 17th book and serves as his memoir. Now in his 60s, Jobson jumps back and forth in time while telling his story of a full life that parallels a revolution in sailing technology.
The book has copious photographs, along with brief anecdotes (some humorous, others introspective) and a series of short question-and-answer conversations with a who’s who of sailing — Olin Stephens, Ted Hood, Dennis Conner and Anna Tunnicliffe among them. Jobson also details his challenges battling lymphoma — his fears, his determination to get well and the overwhelming support that buoyed his spirits. In the aptly named final chapter, The Calm, he depicts the man he is today while pondering where he has been and where he is going.

This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue.