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Grand Ambition

The tale of a lovely Lady

G. Bruce Knecht’s “Grand Ambition” (2013, Simon & Schuster, $26.99 hardcover, $14.99 e-book) tells the story of the $40 million 187-foot megayacht Lady Linda, whose construction began on the eve of the 2008 financial collapse.

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What was conceived as the ultimate statement of success by Doug Von Allmen devolves into an albatross that the multimillionaire struggles to complete as his finances spiral downward.

Far beyond a simple story about life in the rarefied air of mega-wealth, Knecht’s tale also focuses on the workers at Trinity Yachts in Gulfport, Miss. — the pipefitters, welders, painters, woodworkers, artisans and craftsmen behind the creation of the opulent yacht.

Knecht, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and the author of “Proving Ground,” the story of the deadly 1998 Sydney-Hobart race, deftly escorts readers behind the scenes of megayacht building and the lives each project affects during a critical time in U.S. history.

June 2013 issue