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Jack's Favorite: Adventures of a Colonial Smuggler

An adventure tale of a rogue captain

Maryland-based author Alfred Picardi's novel "Jack's Favorite: Adventures of a Colonial Smuggler" tells a tale of midnight backwater rendezvous, sea chases, smugglers' coves, brothels and waterfront riots.

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Set in 1770, the story focuses on privateer Capt. Nathaniel Harte and his crew aboard Berbice as he strives to stay one step ahead of the British navy in the early days of the American Revolutionary War.

His nemesis, British Capt. Walter Stirling of the Royal Navy frigate Rainbow, is assigned to guard the Delaware and Virginia coasts and secure trade against "pirates and others." Capture means forfeiture of the smuggler's ship and fortune.

Harte enlists the help of the spirited and resourceful Anne Easton, a captain's daughter, for a daring rescue attempt in Jamaica. Along the way, they cross paths with fellow captains and crew - allies and adversaries - a foul-mouthed parrot, West Indies sorcery, a corrupt governor and the relentless Royal Navy.

The self-published "Jack's Favorite: Adventures of a Colonial Smuggler" is available in paperback for $17.95 through Amazon.

This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue.