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Nautical & nice: Great gifts that speak of the sea

It’s that time of year again. If you love giving gifts but hate the pressure of finding just the right ones for your crew and dockmates, we’re here to help. Take a look at the goodies we found — they’re not all nautical, but if you can’t find a perfect present here, you need saltier friends.

Photos by Colleen Mason.

The Daysailor

If you’re lucky enough to have a few of these folks on your shopping list, your work is easy. Whether you know a racer or a loafer, it’s all about a good time on the water and babying the ride. You won’t go wrong with any of these gifts.

1. ihome iBT9 Waterproof Radio, $100, 2. Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon, $40, 3. The Sea Chart, $40, 4. Aqua link PLB, $330, 5. Dubarry Easkey Sailing Shoe, $150, 6. Weems & Plath Atlantis Chrome Clock, $405, 7. Weems & Path Atlantis Chrome Barometer, $449, 8. Weego 44 Jump Starter, $150, 9. Rinse Kit, $90, 10. Weems & Plath 6-inch Chrome Bell, $136, 11. Milestone Tote Bag, $120,

The Commodore

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Perhaps you know this person: He or she can tie a bowline on a bight while sound asleep, read signal flags at a glance, recite choice lines from Conrad by heart and while away many a winter evening recounting nautical adventures. The Commodore’s best asset is a deep knowledge of seafaring lore and tradition, so any gift that speaks of fun afloat is likely to bring a smile to this face.

1. Canvas Chart Art Print, $400, 2. Lighthouses of the World, $30, 3. Gill Team Softshell Jacket, $150, 4. Splitrock Organic Bourbon, $53, 5. Weems & Plath Brass Lamp Gimbal, $125, 6. Elegant Navigation Set, $198, 7. Weems & Plath Brass Weather Predicting Stormglass and Plaque Set, $219, 8. Weems & Plath Brass Yacht Lamp, $197, 9. Weems & Plath 6-inch Brass Bell, $125, 

The Cruiser

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We all know one of these — heck, we are one of these! Got a friend who’s always planning the next weekend getaway? Someone who sees the week as pretty much one big obstacle between himself and casting off again? Good news: This one’s a cinch to buy for, and picking the right gift won’t hurt your chances of being invited along for the fun.

  1. Garmin GNX Wind Marine Instrument, $500, 2. Weems & Plath LIGHTrule Color Regulations, $33, 3. XX2i Hawaii 1 Matte White Sunglasses with Polar Grey Lenses, $125, 4. Instant Weather Forecasting, Fifth Edition, $13, 5. Chelsea Clock Voyager Clock and Barometer Set, Mahogany-mounted, $580, 6. Splitrock Organic Blueberry Vodka, $33, 7. Smathers & Branson Blue Crab Belt, $165, 8. Weems & Plath SOS Distress Light, $100, 9. Magma Marine Kettle 3 Gas Grill, $320, 10. Mystic Knotwork Square Door Mat, $125,

The Voyager

Voyagers are less common but are among the easiest of mariners to please. Anything that comes in handy on an epic trip gets extra credit, but Voyagers also spend a lot of time planning trips in the study, and experimenting with equipment and techniques on their boats. Remind them of what’s ahead, and it’s sure to be a great gift. Find something that qualifies as a cool gadget for the next offshore passage, and you might get a souvenir when they return.

  1. Usquaebach Blended Malt Scotch Whisky, $88, 2. Mid-duty Polyester 30 Pocket Tote, $58, 3. Gill Sienna Sunglasses, $90, 4. Weems & Plath Professional Brass Pencil Compass, $73, 5. Weems & Plath Crystal Magnifier, $40, 6. 1920 Beetle Cat Half Hull, $240, 7. Weems & Plath Chrome Endurance Quartz Barometer 125, $180, 8. Spot Gen 3, $170, 9. Weems & Plath Pro Binocular 7x50, $550, 10. Weems & Plath Chrome Endurance Quartz Clock 125, $180, 11. A History of Sailing in 100 Objects, $35, 12. Dubarry Ultima Sailing Boot, $400, 13. Waterproof Chart, $27, water

The Sportsman

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Even if you don’t share his or her enthusiasm, chances are you know one — always hiding a love of boating behind talk of hot spots and bait and canyons and rips! But seldom do we see real Sportsmen come home empty-handed and scowling. Seems as if they’re having a good time out there, no matter the bite.

  1. Pelican 5-Quart Wheeled Cooler, $380, 2. Chelsea Clock Patriot Deck Barometer, $275, 3. Chelsea Clock Patriot Deck Clock, $215, 4. 1962 Riva Aquarama Special Half-Hull, $395, 5. Garmin VHF 200 Marine Radio, $400, 6. Smathers & Branson Nautical Alphabet Needlepoint Flip Flops, $89.50, smathers 7. Smathers & Branson Wooden Boat Belt, $165, smathersand 8. Weems & Plath Explorer Binoculars 7x50, $300, 9. Splitrock Organic Horseradish Vodka, $33, 10. Tourneau Trainmaster Cannonball Watch, $3,900, 11. Des Pawson’s Knot Craft and Rope Mats, $25, 12. GoPro Session, $200, 13. DuBarry Rugby Flask, $70,

This article originally appeared in the December 2016 issue.