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On the Bay

Photos by Bob Grieser

Chesapeake Bay dishes out a cornucopia of fun, and only unfavorable weather or contrary boaters affect it. Mother Nature did not design the Bay as a place to demonstrate her anger, but when things go wrong conditions can test you and teach lessons. Tomorrow on the Bay usually promises another summer outing in a land of pleasant living, filled with adventure and great expectations.

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Seasonal times spent upon the Chesapeake’s usually mild waters are limited, at best, and should be enjoyed in the moment because they end soon enough. Destination choices are many, from overnighting under the big-city lights of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor after a seafood dinner in a fine neighborhood restaurant to drifting along on a sunset sail to anchoring in a quiet cove as the wind flutters away with the light of day.

For those interested in socializing on the hook, try spending a few hours organizing a raft-up in a quiet, deep cove away from water skiers and pesky jetboats creating wakes and waves. But if you are without a boat, most public piers offer a wooden chair or two at the end of a dock where you might wet a line for fishing or crabbing — or just to sit.

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Tiki bars often beckon noisily at the mouths of creeks to entice the muscle-boat crowd to set an anchor bow-to at a sandy atoll “serenaded” by booming music. But if music and song traveling over a placid waterscape is something you avoid, hop in a two-seater kayak and paddle away from the din and into a shallow marshland of bird songs and croaking frogs.

Whether you’re merrymaking in a sailboat, paddle boat, jetboat or center console, all who come to enjoy the myriad ways of Chesapeake Bay share the objective of simply getting on the water.

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March 2013 issue