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Once upon a Gypsy Moon

Professional man unhinged

“Once Upon a Gypsy Moon” is Michael Hurley’s memoir of the personal failure and loss that sent the lawyer-turned-charter captain-turned-author on a two-year offshore odyssey aboard a 30-year-old, 32-foot sloop named Gypsy Moon (Center Street, $19.99 hardcover, $8.99 e-book).

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He spends little time talking about how he messed up a 25-year marriage and was fired at the height of the recession, focusing instead on how his love of sailing proved to be his lifeline.

Hurley accepts full blame for his troubles before taking the reader on a spiritual sail from the Chesapeake waters he knows so well to the Caribbean and beyond. His philosophy that life aboard is “reduced to its essential elements” while life in the modern world “has become a very complicated thing” will resonate with just about anyone fighting the good fight.

July 2013 issue